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Issue while using multiple dropdown option in Splunk Add on builder using REST API option.

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Hi Experts,

I am creating an addon in my local splunk using Splunk Add on builder with REST API option. I have created an input with some fields including one in which i want user to select multiple options out of the range of options i will be configuring in the addon. So i am trying to use multiple dropdown option available in addon builder but using that is not fetching the correct response. While with single dropdown option i am able to get the proper response. Is there any different method to pass the parameter value when using multiple dropdown option in add on builder app in splunk apart from ${param_name}.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance !

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Hi raunaka1,

I think you can do this to see how the data is being passed to your add on code:

1: set app log level in app setup, say debug.

in the validate_input(), add at the top:

    helper.log_debug("input received={}".format(str(definition.parameters))) # set log level as you wish

definition.parameters should be a dict with all your parameters, so you should see what is getting passed in.
If its a param you added manually after exporting from AOB, you'll need to add it in a bunch of places within your project code.


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@richgalloway - Could you please help here ?

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Sorry, I have no experience with AoB.

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