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Is there a way to improve the performance of a real-time search and how results are displayed in the Web Globe Visualization?



Playing around with the WebGlobe visualization ( ) in Splunk. Super cool, this is the kind of eye candy that sells licensing to my executives!

However, when I switch it to a real-time search, it becomes somewhat choppy. Curious is there are any tweaks to smooth that out? A way to have it automatically update. I am guessing the frame rate is waiting on search results which is causing the issues? Any ideas on how I could get more performance out of this?

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Do NOT use real-time. You can cause an auto-refresh like this:

If the intent is to refresh the entire form, you need to add the refresh attribute and indicate the interval in seconds.

For example:

<form refresh="30">
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So refreshing the page looks worse, since the whole page unloads and reloads. Is there a way to make this smooth in general like the real time dashboard?

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