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Is there a timeline for the Timewrap app to be supported for Splunk 6.2?


Timewrap looks great. It doesn't support being pulled into 6.2 as an app, so I pulled the contents into my own app. It doesn't appear that the "wrap" is working properly. Is this a known issue or should I provide more details? Any timeline on when an updated version will be available for install into 6.2?



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Try installing it by simply uploading the unpacked app to your apps directory and restart Splunk.

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According to it's supposed to work with 6.2 by now - are you still having issues?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

and if you are still having issues, can you please describe the issues themselves?

With Splunk... the answer is always "YES!". It just might require more regex than you're prepared for!
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