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Is it posssible to use EMC Isilon App with Syslog data?



We are working on implementing the EMC Isilon App/Add-on in our environment. All NAS devices are currently sending data via UDP and the inputs are configured for index=isilon and sourcetype=emc:isilon:syslog. We are using App Version 2.3.0 and Add-on Version 2.3.

Even though the Index and Sourcetypes are set as per requirement, none of the Dashboards load any data. When I checked the macro's, it looks like all dashboards & panels are configured only for the REST API, i.e. sourcetype=emc:isilon:rest.

Is there any way of using this App with the Syslog data as well? Are there any special dashboards/panels which can make use of the syslog data being sent via UDP?

Splunk Version = 7.0.1
EMC Add-on Version 2.3. Deployed on Indexers and Search-Head
EMC App Version 2.3.0. Deployed on Search-Head.


~ Abhi

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Asked the question little too soon. While going through the app came across the section for "Security", which does have few dashboards that make use of the Syslog Data. For all other dashboards related to system performance etc, looks like REST is the only way to go.

~ Abhi

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