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Is it possible to deploy Splunk dbconnect app through deployment server?

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Is it possible to deploy Splunk dbconnect app through deployment server?

I am facing an issue where splunk dbconnect app is installed in one of secured server(no copy/paste option). So it is a challenge to make changes because I need to type all the queries when creating an input.

Also there is no issue in connecting Deployment server and HF were db connect is installed.

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Possible - yes.

The reason I advise caution here, is that DBX makes use of checkpoints to keep track of datasources its retrieving.
If (for whatever reason) these checkpoints or the input definitions are lost/corrupted/updated you could end up with data duplication or loss.

One of the reasons for pushing apps via a DS is to ensure consistency, however since DBX can not be made HA/FT (presently) this benefit is limited.

Good practice also says that you should only make changes to an app or TA's /local path, but on DBX you have to drop libraries or support components into other locations, so already you would be deviating from recommendations.

Personally, for me DBX is a special case which gets installed locally even if other settings on the box are managed by a DS.

You could of course, push a secondary app which contains your input definitions.
This leaves the binary/config defined locally on the DBX server, and only your inputs managed by the DS - to me this seems far safer than managing the DBX app, though I have never actually tried this!

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You are correct with the potential issue with the checkpoints

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