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Install Splunk Add On Builder Error read operation timed out


I am trying to install the add on builder on Windows. I have tried on a remote desktop and my laptop but I keep receiving the error:
Error connecting to /services/apps/local: The read operation timed out and the following message:
User 'admin' triggered the 'create' action on app 'splunk_app_addon-builder', and the following objects required a restart: aob_eval_functions, field_extraction_field, field_extraction_kv_templates, field_extraction_token, field_validator, settings, ui-metrics-collector

I have restarted Splunk but it keeps happening.. All I have done is go to Manage Apps>Install app from file> Choose File> Selected the splunk add on builder tar.gz > Clicked Upgrade App> Upload

Are there work arounds? How can I solve this issue?


same here on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS trying to install Python for Scientific Computing (for Linux 64-bit)

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