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IP Reputation - default inputs.conf


I'm rather confused by the default inputs.conf entry:

disabled = false
followTail = 0
host = score_lookup_file
sourcetype = Honey_Pot_Scorelookup_Log

Is meant to be referencing a different app? I didn't see anything in splunk-base that would supply it.

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Hi Mike,

If you review the python lookup script you can see that there is some code commented out. If you remove the # the lookup script will create this file and log what it recieves from your splunk search and what values are given back.

This is how i track during development how the script is working, how many lookups are performed etc.

As it can produce a lot of data dependinc how many realtime lookups of ip's you are doing i did not emable it by default to aboid eating up any splunk license.

I might have should removed the input before doing the release.

Thanks for the hit. I'll consider this for a next update.

Also make sure you add IP Reputation as tag to your answer. This is how you question gets notized from me immiditly.

Happy splunking,


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