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IOS-XR syslog events not matching regex to transform

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I have following syslog events from same IOS XR device:

May 22 01:01:01 1618: RP/0/RP0/CPU0:2018 May 22 01:09:29.318 UTC: isis[1010]: %ROUTING-ISIS-5-ADJCHANGE : Adjacency to (HundredGigE0/0/0/3) (L2) Up, New adjacency
May 22 01:01:01 1614: LC/0/0/CPU0:2018 May 22 01:09:29.303 UTC: ifmgr[178]: %PKT_INFRA-LINK-3-UPDOWN : Interface HundredGigE0/0/0/3, changed state to Up

The above two are transformed properly. However the following one is not:

May 23 01:52:09 4566: 0/RP0/ADMIN0:2018 May 23 02:00:44.582 UTC: envmon[2269]: %PKT_INFRA-FM-2-FAULT_CRITICAL : ALARM_CRITICAL :temperature alarm :DECLARE :0/RP0: CPU-Inlet has raised a temperature alarm with value of -19

I have tried to change the regex in transforms.conf based on the recommendation in the posted link text, but could not get it work.

I am running Cisco Networks Add-on 2.5.4.

Any suggestions?


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Did you miss .conf21 Virtual?

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