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I am unable to establish DB connection to MSSQL DB with Force Encryption enabled.


I am trying to connect to few of the MSSQL DB instances wherein the Force Encryption is enabled (set to true) and if I try to create DB connection through Splunk DB Connect Version: Build 1, it gives me error as *"I/O Error: DB server closed connection."*

While checking this issue on Splunk Answers portal, I have gone through similar question with title *"Splunk DB Connect 2: Why am I unable to connect to MSSQL with encryption?"*. But even though I set the connection parameters same as mentioned in that link, it doesn't work. After following this, I am getting error as
*"This driver is not configured for integrated authentication. ClientConnectionId:bc701e78-0062-4bb6-af77-7b6d4238a340"*

Here is the DB Connection input which I am using:- [DB_Connection] connection_type = generic_mssql_with_windows_auth jdbcURLFormat= jdbc:sqlserver://:/;useCursors=true;domain=;integratedSecurity=true;encrypt=true;trustServerCertificate=true
disabled = 0
identity =
localTimezoneConversionEnabled = false
port = 1600
readonly = true
database = master
host =
Please can someone assist me on this, as I am not able to find any other option to establish connection to the encrypted DB instances.


Were you ever able to get a solution for this issue? We are running into same problem.

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