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How to monitor Rabbitmq topic and queue via JMS message Modular Input

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hi All
I am relatively new to RabbitMQ and JMS.
I have tried reading all the documentation ( and, but I am still unable to figure out what went wrong.
I am trying to poll from a queue using JMS Messaging Modular Input.
The following was done:

1) Enable the plugin using the rabbitmq-plugins command
rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_jms_topic_exchange
2) Created .binding txt file and placed it (a) as a jar file in $SPLUNK_HOME\etc\apps\jms_ta\bin\lib. Please check the attached document.
2) Included following Jar file in $SPLUNK_HOME\etc\apps\jms_ta\bin\lib\

3) Configured inputs.conf in launcher app. But we are not sure if they are correct or not.
1. #[jms]
2. #activation_key=YOURKEY
3. #jndi_initialcontext_factory = org.apache.activemq.jndi.ActiveMQInitialContextFactory
4. #jndi_provider_url = tcp://
5. #jndi_user = ? where should I inputs?
6. #jndi_pass = ? where should I inputs?
7. #jms_connection_factory_name = someConnectionFactory
8. #index = jmsIndex
9. #index_message_properties = true
10. #index_message_header = true
11. #strip_newlines = true
12. #init_mode = jndi
13. #init_mode = local
14. #local_init_mode_resource_factory_impl =
15. #local_init_mode_resource_factory_params = key1=value1,key2=value2,key3=value3
17. #[jms://queue/]
18. #sourcetype =
19. #disabled = true
21. #[jms://topic/amp.rabbitmq.event]
22. #sourcetype = jms_rabbitmq_event
23. #disabled = true
Can anyone advise me on what went wrong? Thank you!

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