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How to get FireEye Data into Splunk?

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Greetings Community!

I am working on a solution to get FireEye HX data into Splunk. I have found the document located here:

But it was written for Splunk 6.x, and I am using Splunk 7.x. My first question is whether the document is still valid or not.

Second, the FireEye App for Splunk Enterprise v3 was last updated Jan 2017. Can anybody confirm that it (still) works with current versions of Splunk and FireEye?

Thanks in advance.

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You can still use that Document for configuration purpose. It doesn't matter whether you're using Splunk 6.x OR 7.x

Yes the FireEye app is currently supporting Splunk 6.x as per Splunk base but still you can use this for Splunk 7.x. Try to use app FireEye recommended sourcetypes so that you'll see all the field extractions properly.

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