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How to fetch Microsoft defender data via Microsoft security Addon?

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hi All,

Trying to get data from microsoft security addon and get data for defender.

seems like even after giveing necessary permissions on threat api in azure still not getting the data.

Any help is appreciated

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It was firewall blocking the traffic for me.

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was anyone able to get the Advanced Hunting Results in Microsoft 365 App for Splunk to work?

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For reference, I created this table that helps identify which MSFT API to configure. It took our team a few attempts to get this right before we had data flowing in for all the sourcetypes - except for advanced hunting (not configured). 

Hope this helps someone in the future 🙂 

SourcetypePermissionInput typeMSFT API 
ms365:defender:incident/ms365:defender:incident:alertIncident.Read.AllModinputMicrosoft Threat Protection
ms365:defender:incident/ms365:defender:incident:alertIncident.ReadWrite.AllAlert ActionMicrosoft Threat Protection
m365:defender:incident:advanced_huntingAdvancedHunting.Read.AllAlert ActionMicrosoft Threat Protection
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Hi @KulvinderSingh,

you have to install the Splunk Add-On for Microsoft Security ( and then follow the configuration steps that you can find at

beware to the steps on Office365!



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It was firewall blocking the traffic for me.

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