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How to distinguish clusterGroup colors in Maps+ for Splunk?



I'm working on customizing a Maps+ for Splunk visualization and I need help distinguishing different clustergroups by color. I've used the SPL command clusterGroup to label different clusters but there's no way to tell which cluster belongs to which group. Any help with this would be appreciated, thank you. 


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I have gone through the documentation at Scott Haskell's maps-plus GIT 

and .js code for the app

There's the <options> for the cluster colors but these are "range" One / Two / Three types of clusters background and foreground colors.

I am not a .js developer but there was no provision for controlling the color of the clusters from the SPL search, e.g. through a field value.  

I am going to suggest a new feature in "issues" at Scott Haskells maps-plus GIT that maybe the cluster colors be set according to clusterGroup values, using a pre-defined palette in options 

and leave it at that. 

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