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How to decrypt data encrypted by third-party software?

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We have columns on DB which are encrypted using standard encryption algorithm and key.
Encryption of data is done using third-party software.
Now when we connect to DB using Splunk we see encrypted data (Non-Displayable Column Type varbinary).
We would like to see decrypted data and to be able search, create dashboard, use all Spunk features on decrypted data.
Algorithm and key should be available to Splunk.
Is there a way to do decryption data on the flight and to display plain (decrypted) data to user?
What would you suggest as best practice?


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Re: How to decrypt data encrypted by third-party software?


I'm pretty sure DB Connect can't do that.
I'd write a modular input that accepts the algorithm and key as parameters, reads and decrypts the data, and gives the plain-text results to Splunk.

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