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How to create a timechart to compare data from two different time ranges?


Working on a search where data from 2 different time range is to be compared and displayed on time chart. I have 2 searches which pulls number of events with timespan =1d, now I have to compare the values between those ranges.

Search 1: index=firewall dest_port=22 earliest=-39d@d latest=-21d@d |  timechart span=1d count
Search 2: index=firewall dest_port=22 earliest=-21d@d latest=now | timechart span=1d count

So what I am trying to do is look at the port activity from 2 weeks (lets say End of April - Mid May and Mid May to until now) then compare the activity.

I looked at some of the previous posts and blogs, eeven used the timewrap (probably not the right way) but didnt quite worked out.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This is similar to an example in the Exploring Splunk book

sourcetype=access_combined earliest=-2d@d latest=@d
 | eval marker = if (_time < relative_time(now(), "-1d@d"),
 "last week", "this week")
 | eval _time = if (marker=="last week",
 _time + 24*60*60, _time)
 | timechart avg(bytes) by marker

Modify it to fit your time frames and your base search, but the concept should help you.

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How about timewrap ? Which one will be more efficient ?

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