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How to correct the UTC timezone in Splunk DB Connect?


I am gathering some events via DBconnect from our sccm database. The events in the database are recorded in UTC.

Snipit below:

2018-06-05 12:41:49.153, RecordID="72057594037953969", MachineID="16780567", LastMessageTime="2018-06-05 12:42:11.997", LastMessageSerialNumber="10", DetectionTime="2018-06-05 12:41:49.153", ProductVersion="4.14.17639.18041"

The indexed time in the event above is 2018-06-05 12:41:49.153, which appears to be collected form the DetectionTime field (which is okay).

The sourcetype is malware

I created a props.conf with the following:


I have deployed the props.conf to the searchhead (which is where the DBconnect is installed and pulling the events) and to the indexers.

All events are still coming in UTC and not matching my timezone. I have used the props method before without any issues, not sure why it is not working?

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if this is dbconnect v3, you can set the timezone in your database connection.

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May i know based on what datetime filed as source, now your getting data in the splunk index and its displaying.
May i know using DB connect what is the method you pulling data into splunk . Either Batch or Rising.

Have you provided your required date field in the below mentioned options(current index time or choose column)

Batch & Rising: : In Batch you can see the Timestamp filed and with option like current index time and choose column.
current index time - i don't have that much idea about it .
choose column- if you specify the column. based on it date will be indexed into splunk.

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