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How to configure the IMAP Mailbox app with a Google Apps account?


We are trying to configure IMAP Mailbox app for Splunk with a Google Apps for Education account and receiving the follow error.

 "11-29-2016 14:12:39.207 +1000 ERROR ExecProcessor - message from "python /app/splunk/etc/apps/IMAPmailbox/bin/" __main__.LoginError: Could not log into server: with password provided"

I can confirm the IMAP details are correct and have tested them with a desktop mail client. I suspect the issue is that the account requires user interaction to allow IMAP Mailbox/Splunk access to the account. For example when configuring Thunderbird there is a pop up to permit access.

alt text

IMAP Mailbox does not prompt to allow this access.
Do you have any advice on how to authorize IMAP Mailbox to access the Google Apps account or any info on what API scopes would need to be authorized so that IMAP Mailbox could access the account?

We have been in touch with the developer and between us we haven't found an answer yet.
Please help! 🙂

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It might not be an answer but here are a handful of things to check with your account and configuration that could be messing things up:

  • As described in Google's Docs, Do you have useSSL=true and port=993 in your app configuration?
  • Also IMAP for your account is turned on per the same documentation link above? As you mentioned Thunderbird, I'm assuming your Apps for Education administrator has enabled IMAP for the domain per this documentation, as otherwise the option within gmail for IMAP access wouldn't be present for you.
  • If you are using two factor authentication (as you should be lest you wind up suffering the same fate as Mat Honan), you may need to use an app specific password with this app.
  • Otherwise, as noted in the administrator documentation, only IMAP apps that support "modern security standards" are allowed access to your account when you enable IMAP access, so you may need to allow less secure apps access to your account
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Hi acharlieh, We have tried all of those settings and are still coming up empty.
If you have any other ideas, please let me know.
Many thanks

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