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How do you use the Safenet Luna HSM App to get data from appliances into Splunk?

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Planning to use Safenet Luna HSM App from Splunkbase to get data from Appliances into Splunk.

What needs to be done from the appliances end? I mean user end

What needs to be done from the Splunk end?

If anyone who already used this app for getting Appliances data into Splunk, please share your experiences. looking for step by step process to proceed further on this.


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install SNMP module and configure SNMP inputs (on Heavyforwarder if you have one), collect data then add this HSM Luna app on search heads.

This app has many bugs, you may need to edit/add field extractions and change searches frequency (2 to 1 hour period) but it may work at the end 🙂

Also it requires en-US (english) browser language preference.

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Under deviceinformation/static, there is a PDF for integration guide.

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