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DB Connect 3.1.4 manual installation error


On a server where Splunk installed no internet connection, so I have only option to install downloaded db connect 3.1.4.tgz file manually. Before db connect installation I installed openJDK 8 driver. While insalling db connect it gives an error message "Error connecting to /services/apps/local:('The read operation timed out',)"
Also in messages tab appeares 3 messages:
1. (yellow warning sign) User 'admin' triggered the 'create' action on app 'splunkappdbconnect', and the following objects required a restart: app-migration, checklist, dbconnectiontypes, dbconnections, db inputs, dbxlogging, dbxsettings, identities, ui-metrics-collector.
2. (yellow warning sign) Splunk must be restarted for changes to take effects.
3. (red warning sign) Unable to initialize modular input "server" defined in the app "splunkappdb_connect": Introspecting scheme=server: script running failed (killed by signal 9: Killed)

I tried restarting splunk, rebooting server, uninstalling and installing db_connect, nothing helped so far.

What could be the problem and how could I resolve this?

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