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How do you do ignoreOlderThan or current_only for Exchange PS scripts?


ignoreOlderThan is only for monitor
current_only is only for WinEventLogs

So how do I do this for the Exchange app .ps1 scripts? E.g. these? They do automatically backfill by default, and considering how intensive get-folderstats is, I doubt anyone ever wants that to backfill.

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I executed a very hacky solution to this problem - run the scripts, kill them after a minute of running, and then re-run them. The second time it shouldn't backfill, as the first run was supposed to take care of that.

Unsure how repeatable this is and definitely not an elegant solution. It took 17 minutes for get-folderstats_2013.ps1 to run for a weeks worth of data (this was for a successive run after the backfill was killed, since I put it on a week cron)

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