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How do I send DB Connect indexed data to different non-clustered indexers?

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I have 1 search head and 2 separate non-clustered indexers in my distributed environment. I am splitting data between the indexers since Indexer1 was filling up. With DB Connect, I've been indexing data from an database input to Indexer1. Now I am creating a new input and I want that data to be sent to Indexer2. Since there is nothing in the serverclass.conf that specifies what DBConnect data goes where, how to I specify that I want my new data to be sent to the new indexer? (Indexer2)

How does DB Connect know which indexer to send data to? Is it an all or nothing situation, or can I specify where I want the different inputs to be indexed?

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Well splunk_app_for_dbconnect is just like any other app, so you can configure inputs.conf and outputs.conf the same way:

server = whatever:30001

connection = wd701
enable_query_wrapping = 1
index = teste
interval = 60
max_rows = 10000

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