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How do I configure time format in Splunk DB Connect? It's not uploading data


I use DBConnect3, and I have a date field in epoch format (Sample below).
When you select it as a timestamp, it shows a configuration option the format.
I am using the format %s, I've also tried the format s (As suggested in the caption).
But in doing so, Splunk is not recognizing the timestamp and as a consequence not uploading the data

How to fix this?

Sample epoch date: 1498892320

alt text

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This is not cool, now I have to do this.

SELECT TO_TIMESTAMP('1970-01-01 00:00:00.0'
) + NUMTODSINTERVAL(r.TIMESTAMPfield, 'SECOND') AS event_date, r.* FROM r where ID> ? ORDER by ID

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