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How To Integrate CA SiteMinder with Splunk

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Hi All,

Please explain me how to integrate CA SiteMinder with Splunk, I see there is splunk app for CA SiteMinder i have installed on my test machine, but how do i get the data from the SiteMider Server. Do i need to install the SplunkUF on that and configure inputs and outs to get the logs? or is there any configuration has to be done and app itself?

Could you please let me know if anyone already integrated, that would be great help.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there - if this is your first time using Splunk I recommend you reach out to your sales rep to ask them to help you set it up. If you do not have a rep take the time to run through the tutorial here:

Then check out the Getting Data In reference :

As for the app, you may not require it depending on what your data looks like. Splunk can do a great deal once you are familiar with searching nd reporting. I would follow the steps above first .

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