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Help with db connect custom jdbc connection



I'm trying to add a new custom jdbc connection to DB Connect, version 3. When I go into the sql explorer and choose my connection, it says "invalid database connection". I got the jdbc driver class from the vendor, and for serviceClass, I entered "com.splunk.dbx2.DefaultDBX2JDBC", based upon another Splunk Answers entry. Is that entry valid? Anything else that I can look for? I am able to retrieve data using curl from this host.

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I got that a lot when setting up a non-custom Postgress connection. It turned out the FTP of the driver/jar didn't go so well and was actually corrupted! Once we reuploaded we were in the clear.

Are you sure you put the driver in place as per the docs? Maybe toss a bit more details out here for us to mull over? Also, make sure the java install meets the requirements. There's been some shenanigans around this with Oracle changing terms on java.

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