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Help with darktrace extraction with darktrace connector



I have a problem with daktrace collector.

Monitor logs Darktrace

Logs Darktrace

disabled = false
recursive = true
index = darktrace
sourcetype = darktrace:syslog
whitelist = \.log$
host_segment = 4
The data arrives in Splunk However the field of extraction does not work.
the conf props.conf  in .../Darktrace/defaults/ in syslog is:
pulldown_type = true
KV_MODE = json
category = Structured
description = Darktrace JSON syslog format.
SEDCMD-remove_header = s/^[^\{]+//

I have an architecture with utility server, search head, cluster indexers, syslog+UF (darktrace).
I need some help, please.
Thank you in advance.

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Path Finder

Hi All,

Was the issue resolved. I ask as I currently have extractions issues but not having any luck with resolving it. 

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How are you sending Darktrace logs to Splunk? When I deployed the connector I have used a TCP port to perform the input. The props.conf in default folder is just like yours. But in the local folder there are some other configs:


LINE_BREAKER = ([\r\n]+)
disabled = false

My inputs.conf:

connection_host = dns
index = darktrace
sourcetype = darktrace
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