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Has anyone else experienced a memory leak with Input Add On for Netskope?


On the latest version of the Input Add=On for Netskope (1.0.5), there appears to be a memory leak. When the Add-on runs, I have seen memory consumption be in excess of 20GB! Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I have attempted to adjust the pull interval to no success. The logs do not appear to be providing much information except for the input failing due to out of memory errors.

I wanted to try a previous version but could not find one to see if it was specific to the new version.

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Please try v1.1.x. The excessive memory usage can occur when pulling very large datasets on a first run. It's a race condition, ie can't pull all the events, so can't write out the checkpoint because it fails. Then trys to pull all the events again... and so we go. v1.1.x addresses this.

Curious: Do you have the Netskope for Web product?

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