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Google Maps - geo lookup a ZIP code?


Hey everyone. I have a ton of customer records with both IP's and ZIP codes. The issue is that the IP's, despite being around the nation, are all registered to our company in NYC so the geolookup doesn't work. I do have the zip codes though. I know there are latitude and longitude DB's out there based on postal codes. Is this functionality built into the google maps app?



I downvoted this post because this starts off ok as in he has only zips but then his csv file magically has long lat in it with no explanation on where it came from!

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I planned on adding that to the app but haven't gotten to that yet. You should be able to do it yourself, though. Just add a lookup table (Such tables should be easy to find somewhere on the web) which maps the zip code to the geo coordinates.

| zip    | _geo       |
| 47111  | 47.11,8.15 |
| 47112  | 28.77,7.99 |

Here's an example of such a freely available list:

It should be pretty easy to transform it to a lookup list like the example above.

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