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Google Maps Rounding _geo field passed to GeoDrilldown.


So using Google Maps I have a series of events that are showing up in Japan. These events have Lat and Lon values that end in xx.0. When I click on a cluster to drilldown the search that is spawned cuts everything after the decimal point off of the _geo value it's looking for.

For example, the drilldown should say | search _geo="38.0,144.0". Instead it says | search _geo="38,144" and never returns any results. Any way to get it to quit this?

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Yes, I'm aware of that, it's a major flaw in the current drilldown implementation. It occurs because the _geo value is converted to two float values and when drilldown is triggered it converted back to a string. So the precision of floats in Javascript limits the drilldown functionality as well, as very precise latitude or longitude values can potentially lead to different drilldown values as well.

I'm already working on an overhaul on how the module handles drilldown.

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