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Google GeoCode help


I would like to create two new fields in my data set for latitude and longitude.

I have an address field in following format:
Address=Address Line 1, County, Post Code, Country
& wish to know how I can use this info to create latitude and longitude.

I have tried downloading the Google GeoCode App & the following search has not returned any results.
my search | eval Address=($SRA_ADDR_LINE1$.", ".$SRA_POSTCODE$.", ".$SRA_COUNTY$.", "."United Kingdom") | printgeocode type=geocode address=Address

Could any please advise on Google GeoCode or suggest alternative method?


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Hi @jackreeves,

Extremely sorry for delayed reply and to know that you were not able to get the results.
I have updated the app to include error handling as well as logging.

Could you please try with the latest version and let me know if you're still facing issues?


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