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Getting MS-Windows AD objects 4.4.1 "This Dashboard Version is Missing" Error after upgrading to Splunk 9.0.1?


Upgraded to Splunk 9.0.1 from Splunk 8.2.1 MS-Windows AD Objects received the dashboard error, upgraded to MS-Windows AD Objects 4.1.1 which claims to be compatible with 9.0. But even after upgrading the same error persists. Does MS-Windows AD Objects use jQuery 3.5, does 9.0.1 not work with it or am I spinning my wheels trying to make this thing work? Have the same issue with other apps but figured I would start here. Looked through the boards found stuff on jquery 3.5 but nothing specific to AD objects 4.1.1.  Seems like most things work with the App it just always throws the error? Also tried the " clone the dashboard in the new studio option", no joy there. 

Any help is appreciated 


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 Gonna take some time to go through every dashboard of the apps but it does work.  Appreciate the help. 

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