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Getting Data from google geolocation api into splunk


Hey there,

I want to get some geo location information based on mac address from google API

I got the nessesary data via the following search request:
index=wifi sourcetype=netxml
| dedup wireless-network.BSSID
| table wireless-network.BSSID

When I put the data manuel to a structured json file and run the following curl command i see a json responce:
curl -d @testmac.json -H "Content-Type: application/json" -i ""API_KEY"

How can I automate that and import the location data to visualize it. I'm a newbee.


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Using the curl command in TA-Webtools ( you could do the following:

index=wifi sourcetype=netxml 
| fields wireless-network.BSSID
| dedup wireless-network.BSSID 
| eval header="{\"Content-Type\": \"application/json\"}" 
| curl method=post uri="" headerfield=header datafield=data debug=true

OTHERJSONDATAHERE would be whats in your file, and it needs to be escaped... you can use existng fields in eval by using concat feature.

| eval newfield="{\"aManuallyEnteredjsonField\":\"".anExistingFieldInSplunk."\"}"

would create newfield with value of {"aManuallyEnteredjsonField":"valueOfFieldExistingInSplunk"}.

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If I understand correctly , in order to achieve something fully integrated , SPL search -> HTTP POST with search data -> use JSON results to feed a SPL geo visualization command to a map viz , then you are probably going to need a custom search command

This search command could take the results of your search string , perform the HTTP POST and output the results in the returned JSON.

index=wifi sourcetype=netxml | dedup wireless-network.BSSID | table wireless-network.BSSID | yourcustomcommand | geostats count

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