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Get Status of File arrived in folder or not.

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I need to know , whether splunk can be used for file monitoring purpose, If yes , How can I configure that.

Requirement : I have server folder path, where files will be ftp to this path and after arriving this file, I need to process. This file will come in an interval of 15Mins. So for every 15 Mins I Need to look into that folder and If the file is there then no need of doing anything. In case if file is not there then I need to raise a alert.

Please help.

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You only need to monitor the directory path, incoming files will be processed and indexed as soon as they'll copied on it.
To manage the alert I suggest you to setup a script, (if -e in bash, for example), as a scripted input or to write some output to a file, and manage alerts using that file.


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Hi Bizza,

Thanks for you suggestion, can u go little deeper, and could you tell me how can I setup the alert script, currently I need to put this type of alert on 14 Unix servers, so how can my script jump into that server and find the files, and also , how can I redirect the command output/file output to the alert body.


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