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FireEye TA linebreak not working for indexing flat-file


I have a setup running Splunk 6.4 indexing FireEye logs.

FireEye is sending logs in CEF SYSLOG format through port 514, and i have rsyslog receiving these data and writing them to flat file. Splunk will be monitoring the flat file and index them in.

However i notice that sometimes one event consist of 2 or more events. So I tried copying in 3 lines of event for testing and realise logs are not line broken. Is there something wrong with the TA? I cant get it to read line by line even with SHOULD_LINEMERGE=false

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First, ensure you have the following setup:
1) FireEye app only on the search head (
2) TA installed on the HF and indexers (not on the search head) (

Second, make sure the sourcetype is either syslog or fecefsyslog.

If the sourcetype is syslog, the props/transforms will change it to fecefsyslog.

Third, make sure rsyslog is not adding any additional headers to the content.
Transforms it looking for the following format for CEF syslog:

If none of that solves the issue, send me a sample of your data via the Help -> Send Feedback menu in the app. Thanks.

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Im running a All-in-one Server, so my search head and indexer is the same. Will this be an issue?

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