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Error with DBConnect App Inputs Verion:3.1.4

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Hello Experts,

I am using DBConnect app of version 3.1.4. with Oracle DB. I have set up a SQL and saved the DB input.

But data is not showing up in the index. When I did a search on _internal index, I have got the below error. Any thoughts.?

yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.S -6:00 [QuartzScheduler_Worker-28] ERROR org.easybatch.core.job.BatchJob - Unable to process Record: {header=[number=37458, source="xxxxx", creationDate="xxxxx"], payload=[HikariProxyResultSet@xxxxx wrapping oracle.jdbc.driver.ForwardOnlyResultSet@xxxx]}

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I also got this error after my input has been running fine for a while. In my case, I think it's a bug (or new design feature 🙂 ) that has to do with how DBConnect internally 'caches' the structure of the SQL table/view data for the input.

My input query used a rising column and looked something like:

WHERE lastModifiedDate > ?
ORDER BY lastModifiedDate ASC

As I mentioned, all worked well, until one sunny day that I got this error:

xxxxxxxx +0200 [QuartzScheduler_Worker-19] ERROR org.easybatch.core.job.BatchJob - Unable to process Record: {header=[number=5983, source="xxxxx", creationDate="xxxxxx"], payload=[HikariProxyResultSet@2004807770 wrapping SQLServerResultSet:150443]}
java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 33, Size: 32
at java.util.ArrayList.rangeCheck(
at java.util.ArrayList.get(
at com.splunk.dbx.server.dbinput.task.processors.EventMarshaller.formatEvent(
at com.splunk.dbx.server.dbinput.task.processors.EventMarshaller.toJson(
at com.splunk.dbx.server.dbinput.task.processors.EventMarshaller.processRecord(
at com.splunk.dbx.server.dbinput.task.processors.EventMarshaller.processRecord(
at org.easybatch.core.processor.CompositeRecordProcessor.processRecord(
at org.easybatch.core.job.BatchJob.processRecord(
at org.easybatch.core.job.BatchJob.readAndProcessBatch(
at org.easybatch.extensions.quartz.Job.execute(
at org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool$

After some investigation, the DB Admin informed me that the structure of the view changed (columns were added).

I saved the input (open, execute SQL, next, save) via the GUI and it started working again. 

For me it was a nice capability to setup a DB input with "Select * ..." and brag about Splunk capable of handling DB changes on the fly. But I subsequently had to swallow the brag as it turns out in DBConnect V3x things can break:

  • when the rising column's position change
  • ..and now it seems when the column/view structure changes

Would like to hear if anyone else came accross this or can give a better explanation.

Happy Splunking!



Same effect here.
Re-saving the input fixed it.

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Resaving the inputs worked for me.

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Thanks for the great explanation. This worked for me as well. We are on DBX 3.3.0. "Re-saving" the input worked and the "cached" table got reset and the records got ingested correctly.

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since I'm having a similar problem I'm curious, have you got the problem solved? If so, what was the issue, because I stuck with same error, but already on header1.

Regards, Aaron

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