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Does the Splunk Add-on for RSA SecurID require the input use UDP 514, or can it be any port?

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This add-on doesn't appear to work correctly following the instructions. Does this add-on require the input use udp/514 or can it be any port? Using 514 isn't an option for me.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The Splunk Add-on For RSA SecurID does not have a modular input. Its an app that expects a sourcetype of [rsa:securid:*] to be available.

This is a syslog format input.

So to circle back to your question, you dont have to use UDP514 for ingesting this. You can use a syslog server to collect the logs and then a use a input to read the syslog files. Or you could move the UDP input to a different port and use that also.

Splunk best practices would be to use a syslog server, and then ingest the files into Splunk by using an monitor on the file. Better control and more redundancy for you.

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