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Does DB Connect 3.1.1 support _TCP_ROUTING?

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We are trying to route DB Connect data to a different indexer, however, the traditional method of adding _TCP_ROUTING to the inputs.conf (or even db_inputs.conf) and creating an output.conf file does not work. Is there any way to route data to more than one indexer from a HF running DB Connect?


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Had the same problem, figured it out, with some help from this:

DBConnect uses the HEC (HTTP Event Collector) to feed stuff into Splunk, and if you look at that doc, you'll see HEC doesn't use _TCP_ROUTING but uses a setting called optiongroup to do the same thing (all lower case, unlike what the doc says...)

Anyway, in the inputs.conf in the DBConnect app you'll see something like this for the events to point to HEC:

disabled = 0
token = abcdefgh-1234-5678-9101-12345678901

First thing you need to do is create an outputs.conf in the local/ directory for dbconnect (its syntax is the same as for regular routing using _TCP_ROUTING) - mine is basically this:

server =
sendCookedData = false

Then the inputs.conf gets updated to include an outputgroup:

disabled = 0
token = abcdefgh-1234-5678-9101-12345678901
outputgroup = logother

Unlike _TCP_ROUTING, I don't think outputgroup lets you specify more than one destination (I tried, it didn't work), but you can put whatever in the outputs.conf stanzas to make it work.

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I ended up using the method described in this link to route the data to a second indexer.




  1. Did you installed the 'Splunk DB Connect' app in Heavy Forwarder?
  2. Also, can you please share the exact configuration you used to route the data to the second indexer?
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