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Dbconnect issues with Oracle



I am new to DB connect 3.3.1. I have it working for Sybase, but can't get it going for oracle.

I am trying to connect to Oracle DB 18c.

I have installed the drivers from oracle, but I am getting the following errors.

This is the configuration I was trying to use (below), however, I am getting an error in the logs saying 

"There was an error processing your request. It has been logged (ID cda8c0139c1f536e)." I have looked in the logs and I can see the following. not sure if related?

07-02-2020 11:20:40.681 +0200 WARN AuthorizationManager - Unknown role 'dbx_user'

connection_type = oracle
customizedJdbcUrl = jdbc:oracle:thin:@//
disabled = 0
host = DELL1048SRV
jdbcUseSSL = false
localTimezoneConversionEnabled = false
port = 1521
readonly = true
timezone = Europe/Paris  

Any help would be great thanks

2020-07-02 10_46_38-Configuration _ Splunk 8.0.3.png

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Re: Dbconnect issues with Oracle


So in the end it was something simple - we could not ping the DB server, however, I wish the message would have been better to help us to debug.

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