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DLTK Endpoint URL() is not HTTPS error

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I have Splunk Free installed on AWS using the Splunk AMI (AWS linux).   The docker environment is running on the same AWS instance where splunk is installed.

When I try to run the pytorch iris model, I get an an error message that the Endpoint URL is not HTTPS.

Search command:

| inputlookup iris.csv | sample partitions=10 seed=42 | where partition_number<7 | fit MLTKContainer algo=pytorch_nn epochs=10 feature_variables=sepal_length, sepal_width, petal_length, petal_width target_variables=species into app:PyTorch_iris_model_nn



Error in 'fit' command: Error while initializing algorithm "MLTKContainer": Endpoint URL () is not HTTPS and therefore not allowed.
MLTKC endpoint:
The search job has failed due to an error. You may be able view the job in the Job Inspector


My setup:

Splunk DLTK 3.5, MLTK 5.2.1, Python for Scientific Computing 2.0.2

Docker host is unix://var/run/docker.sock

Endpoint URL: localhost

External URL: set to public IP address of AWS Instance

When I click the Test&Save button on setup, the popup says 'Successfullly etablished connection to the container environment' and I can start the dev container and access Jupyter Notebook, MLFlow, and Tensorboard.


I tried the external endpoint url to start with https, but get  the same error.

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Hello friend,

I have experienced the same issues and would like to share how to resolve them. 
I carefully executed the following steps precisely in that order to make it work. 

1. Add the splunk user to docker group on host machine

$ sudo usermod -aG docker splunk


2. Create self-signed certificates and create the server certificates


3. Create a single PEM file


4. Configure indexers to use a signed certificates

After applying those configurations to our single-instance the DLTK Endpoint URL() is not HTTPS error was resolved.


Hope that helps 😉

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