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DB connect to SQL to several databases within the same connection



I'm currently using DB Connect version 3.1.4 Build 42 on a Heavy Forwarder running 7.1.2.

Having a Database connection using driver MS-SQL Server jTDS up and inputs working. When you stet up the connection you choose 'Default Database' to point to the database within your instance you would like to query.

I can't find a way to configure so I can query 2 or more databases in the same connection other than create a new connection and point that database in the 'Default Database'. This would end up with many connections for an average SQL with lets say 25 databases.
Is this possible and how do you configure that?

Ex: A SQL servers holds some databases:

I would like my DB connection to be able to query all 3 databases from the same connection in the same select statement.


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