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Good evening,

I was using DB connect and it was forwarding events to my indexers, searches were working and everything was great,

However the DBA then cleaned the source DB the events were coming from and now my index is empty, no events and no sourcetype, ,

Therefore a few questions,

  1. Should I create my sourcetype on the SH as well as when its created on the HF (where DB Connect is installed).
  2. When the source DB is cleaned and all events removed is it expected behaviour that it would remove events from the Splunk Indexes as well ?



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Dear rossparfect,
Answering your questions:
1 - the sourcetype have to be created on the HF where the DB Connect is installed, because it will be used to identify your data for the indexing pipeline.

2 - As far as I know, if the source DB table is cleaned it should not cleanup the splunk index because once the data is indexed you cannot change the data, although the retention/max volume parameters from the particular index is reached or someone cleanup all the events to the this particular index, thus the user have to have admin rights and splunk service must to be stopped to run the clean command. Per my knowledge, only dblookup function run the queries on the source DB tables, but did not index any data into splunk, it is being used to enrich data into splunk.
for further information about dblookup, check this document ->

I suggest for you to troubleshoot the dbconnect to identify the possible issue, please check this document ->

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