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DB Connect Rising Column Missing Records


I am using DB Connect (v3) and pulling in some Oracle OEM metrics. Finding that once I start using the rising column feature, based on a timestamp in the Oracle OEM tables, I'm dropping data.

Some OEM metrics pull every 10min, others every 15min from the database. When I re-pull the data its incredible consistent (see image). I pull the DB Connect input every 5min based on a timestamp field in the data. I'm guessing that the rising column timestamp is being updated to now, when the raw data hasn't even made it into the Oracle metrics tables yet. The later on, when Oracles metric tables get the data, but that timestamp has already passed and DB Connect is no longer looking back in time for that data. If I re-pull all the source data from the table again, I see all the data is there, I'm just missing it with DB Connects rising column configuration.

Anyone know of a way for me to use an "offset" or somehow look back in time long enough to still ingest these records with DB connect? Not sure how to fix this and missing data in Splunk.

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