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DB Connect Crashing on Splunk Trial Verison

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Installed DB connect pluging, when i try to use  the plugin it tried to open up but in the background the splunk app is cracshing.


i1) i tried resinstalling previous version 3.6  its same issue

2) re installed slunk ( same issue) 


looks like no work around ? is it because i am using trial version ?   please help.



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I am also experiencing the same issue on Mac Env. I installed Splunk 8.2.4 and it was working fine. I also installed the Splunk DB Connect 3.7.0. Then I restarted the Splunk Enterprise and I am able to view the Splunk DB Connect Add-on.

When I click the Splunk DB Connect Add-on link on the left hand menu, I see that the SPlunk Enterprise version is crashing with a blank page. The Splunk DB Connect dashboard is not getting displayed There is also a crash report at the /Splunk logs page. The Splunk logs report is not indicating much information.

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Again I restarted my machine and I am getting a new Error message while clicking the Splunk DB Connect Add-on link. I am seeing a message indicating "Can not communicate with task server, check your settings".

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I wouldn't think so. Trial or not only changes what features within splunk are active. Technicaly it's the same binary.

What do you mean by "app crashes". Show us some logs.

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Could you also told which db you are using and are you using dbinput, dbxquery or anything else. Also in which is you are running it, Java version and authentication toward db.
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