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Custom Cluster Map Visualization: Why is the Clustered Mapping not specific enough and the Choropleth map wont work for me?



I have got mapping working for a query I am running by referencing a column officelocation which gives me e.g

OfficeLocation GoodCount BadCount
London 1 34
Sao Palo 22 45
Seattle 7 23
Dublin 18 19

I the office locations in an office csv with the Lat and Long in each column so this is referenced and the cluster map then maps out the number to this location. The issue is even though I ref somewhere in the middle of America it will only cluster this to we will say New York where I want the location highlighted.

sourcetype="i.csv" OR sourcetype="i.csv" OfficeLocation!="" OfficeLocation!="N/A" | lookup officegeo.csv "Office Code" as "OfficeLocation" | search UserAction!=None   | geostats  latfield=Lattitude longfield=Logitutde count by Office

I want to get the locations more specific, the lookup table looks correct but how do I do it with the other mapping type (Choropleth map) or any other method? thanks.


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Try this out.

Clustered Single Value Map Visualization -

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