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Connecting Splunk to Tableau Issue

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I'm trying to connect Splunk to Tableau, so I can create Tableau visualization using all my Splunk reports. I am using Tableau Version: 10.3, and I installed Splunk ODBC: 2.1.1.

I'm sure that I already input the correct server and credentials, but I'm receiving error below.

[Splunk]SplunkODBC Error with HTTP API, error code: Couldn't connect to server

I'm not sure how to triage this problem. Any input will be appreciated.


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same problem here... please help,I got the same error, please help!

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Hi Limalbert,
You can see this blog for total integration of Tableau with Splunk.
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Verify that splunk is up and running, verify the port configuration, verify the credentials, both outside of and inside of splunk.

If I couldn't find the issue that way, I would use Excel to connect using the same credentials and verify whether the issue was within Splunk or within Tableau.

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