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Cisco Firepower eStreamer eNcore Add-on for Splunk Missing fields


Hello All,

Using Splunk 8.0.5 and Cisco Firepower eStreamer eNcore Add-on for Splunk 3.6.8|4.0.7 (just finished installing it).  I was comparing ingests between Splunk and ArcSight and it would seem ArcSight has a few extra fields for certain rec_type=400 web events:

-             Request                                             <malicious URL>
-             requestContext                                 <Similar to the referrer>
-             requestClientApplication                 <Similar to User Agent>

ArcSight may be converting this from an additional payload field but I am having a hard time confirming how that is happening. For these events Splunk does receive an additional rec_type=110 with a type “HTTP URI” and an alphanumeric “data” field, but my events don’t include anything similar to a uri or referrer.

I was wondering if anyone else run across this?



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As a follow up, I was able to start collecting packets and then use the Splunk Decrypt app to decode the payload. The packets will sometimes contain garbled Request/RequestContext information.

| rex field=packet "\'(?<clean_packet>[^']+)"
| decrypt field=clean_packet unhex() emit('packet_info')

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