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Change WSDL name for Incident Ticket Creation


My company is not using default WSDL: HPD_IncidentInterface_Create_WS to create incident ticket.

Is the name of WSDL configurable? If yes, which path and filename that I should change?


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The "WSDL: HPD_IncidentInterface_Create_WS" is statically assigned by the python setup script.

I found a second (hidden?) setup page which walks through setting the app up if you have a custom remedy staging form. Basically you have to manually setup your remedy.conf file instead of letting the setup script do it:

I personally have not been able to get this working. I'd love to hear if you've had better luck.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi dellytaniasetiawan,

I don't think the Remedy add-on has hard-coded any WSDL filename. As long as you have set up the add-on to specify Remedy Server URL as well the Remedy account credentials, the add-on will try to retrieve the WSDL file path from there.
For details, see documentation: .

Also, in most cases the fields actually required by your Remedy system are only a subset of the required fields in the WSDL file. The Splunk Add-on for BMC Remedy provides a remedy_fields.conf file with preconfigured required fields for both incident creation and update. The required fields in this file override the required fields in the WSDL. You need to customize this file to include all of the required fields for your Remedy system.
For details, see documentation:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

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