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Can you use SQL functions with the Splunk ODBC driver?


Can you use any of the different SQL functions (say, the aggregate functions: avg, sum, etc.) together the Splunk ODBC driver? What about WHERE or GROUP BY clauses? Or can you only perform simple SELECT?

Since you can only manipulate saved searches through the Splunk ODBC driver, I'm afraid the answer to my questions is "no, you cannot" but...

Thank you.

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So, I did some tests.

A query such as "SELECT ALL A.OPERATION, sum( A.count ) FROM La_proportion_des_operations A GROUP BY A.OPERATION" works with the old 1.0.1 ODBC driver but gives no result with the recent 2.0 driver ! Looks then like a bug in the recent version of the driver...

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

What's your use case? Maybe DB Connect does the trick?

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