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Can you help me produce a better scatter plot, which allows infinite dots?


Looking for a way produce a scatter plot that allows infinite dots (limited potentially only by memory).

The use case it to produce a scatter plot with dots of a settable size (or auto-adjusting based on scatter density) which visually demonstrates each and every single event result from a search.

More-specifically, I want every sign-in to our system to be represented on a scatter plot where X is the time and Y is the service-response-time. With thousands of sign-in's per minute, I need thousands of dots - either 1x1 pixel or 2x2, which results in a cloud-like pattern to be produced along the X series.

when response times go up, the 'cloud' of dots trends upwards and very-clearly identifies when an issue is affecting more than simply outliers.

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@dijikul have you tried Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit app from Splunkbase which has several custom visualizations including Scatter Line Chart.

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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The line scatter plot shown here looks like what I'm envisioning in my head, but I want the X-axis to be time and the Y-axis to be response time. For every sign-in event.

Using an inputlookup in an example is a great way to obfuscate the data so that it's harder to recreate. I have response times; I have a timeline; why does my scatter line plot look like this: look like this

What am I doing wrong?

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