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Can you help me with a problem I'm having with the Splunk DB connect App?

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I have a problem with the Splunk DB connect app.

I have two different types of users. For example, UserA (normal Splunk user) and domain\UserB which is a user I got from my SAML SSO configuration. Both users are in the same groups and have the same permissions.

So now, I found out if I got a user with an . The DB Connect App doesn't work. I have the same issue if I create a local Splunk user domain\UserC.

Is there something I can change in the db connect app or is there another work around?


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I’m assuming you’re talking about role based access control to the dB connect app. You can’t use SAML auth for the database service account.

The scenario you describe should work, since it doesn’t you will need to contact support and probably file a bug.

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No I don´t use SAML for identities in db connect I only use this to create a SSO with the permission (roles) db_connect_admin and db_connect_user.

Now i found out if a Splunk user has a \ symbol in his logon name the app doesn´t work it makes no different if this is a SAML user or you create a domain\test user in your splunk enivornment directly.
If you copy the domain\test user and name it domain.test with the same permission it works perfectly.
So it looks for me like a bug in the db connect app.

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