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Apply a props after a override


We are receiving several logs via syslog UDP 514, there are several transforms for each of the log types. One of them is Cisco ASA logs. So after overriding the sourcetype I would like to apply a TZ = UTC on it and not on the rest of the logs that also come in via syslog. Is this possible since the sourcetype first needs to be extracted and I believe that props and transform only have one pass per event.

REGEX = %ASA-\d-\d{6}
FORMAT = sourcetype::cisco:asa
DEST_KEY = MetaData:Sourcetype

TRANSFORMS-changesourcetype = cisco_ise_sourcetype, cisco_ise_source, asa_override_sourcetype

How can I add another action and apply it to the asa sourcetype.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I don't believe that is possible. The time stamping of the data is one of the first things that happen when data comes in (Merging Queue). Re-sourcetyping is one of the last (Typing Queue). You may need to rethink your application keeping this in mind

For more on what happens when see these graphics:

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Revered Legend

I believe the TZ assignment happens before the TRANSFORMS is applied, so it may not be possible to update the TZ after that, for just one sourcetype.

You can give it a try by adding this in props.conf (less positive about if it'll work)

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